The most important tips in buying your first car.

Buy your first car. Exciting isn’t it? To be allowed to drive a car, you naturally need your driver’s license first. For young drivers, it may take a while until their driver’s license is received. See for an example

That is an excellent time to ask a few questions about how to find the perfect first car. For example, do you prefer a new car or a second-hand model? Is it a car that runs on gasoline, diesel, electricity or is it a hybrid model?

Are extras important? What will you mainly use the car for? Approximately how many kilometers will you drive per year? All these questions are essential to finding the right car and car loan.

However, do not take into account your preference for brand and style in this guide. These factors are in fact secondary and for a first car that is not that important. Look especially for a solid first car that is safe for a novice driver.

Set a budget for your first car

Set a budget for your first car

When considering the purchase of a car, it is important to first establish a budget. You must take into account two factors: the purchase (and related unique costs) and the recurring costs.

The second factor is not unimportant since you also have to pay fuel, traffic tax, maintenance, inspections (annually for cars older than 4 years) and any repair costs to be able to use the car. In addition, the costs of insurance.

Consider the unique costs

The unique costs are only dealt with once when purchasing your first car. This purchase is accompanied by a number of extra costs that you must take into account, such as:

  • The license plate: the request for this must be submitted to the DIV (The Vehicle Registration Service) and costs USD 30, unless you want a personalized license plate, which costs around USD 2,000.
  • The registration certificate: this certificate (former pink and for new registrations beige) consists of two parts, one for home and one for in the car). The application costs USD 26.
  • The registration tax (CIA): the amount to be paid depends on the region where you live as well as your age and the capacity of your vehicle. An ecomalus applies to cars that emit more than 145 g CO² per km, with costs ranging between USD 100 and USD 2,500. Every driver only has to pay this tax once, for both new and used cars.

Also, consider the recurring costs

In addition to the unique costs, you must also consider recurring costs when you prepare a budget for your purchase. For example, think of:

  • The annual insurance costs are very important for young drivers as the premiums are more expensive for them. If the insured car is new, the price increases even more. The specifications of the car also play a role. To reduce costs, you can choose a car that matches your profile (eg do you use the car mainly during the week or only at the weekend?), Compare offers, go for a second-hand vehicle with small displacement and do not opt ​​for the full Omnium insurance if this is not necessary per se. You can request a quote from your parents’ insurer, with the chance that you will receive an advantageous offer.
  • Just like the BIV, the traffic tax depends on your region and the car itself. Do you live in Flanders? Then you can easily do a simulation. In Wallonia, the costs vary between USD 80.52 and USD 2,060.92. You must pay the road tax annually.
  • Maintenance and repairs will also be required. Usually, a check is required for every 15,000 km you travel, with a minimum of 1 time per year. The costs can vary considerably since every specialist imposes different prices. If parts are replaced, the cost of the part and the brand of the car will be, making an affordable brand also cheaper for repairs.
  • Parking costs and fines can quickly accumulate if you live in the city center. In most streets, you have to deal with parking meters and if you do not pay attention, you can receive a parking fine at any time. It will also cost you dearly if you tend to ignore speed limits.

Find the right car model


Once you have a budget in mind, you can fully focus on researching the right category for your car. Are you going for a city car, a sports car or maybe an SUV? Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  • True? The environment where you will make the journeys has a lot of influence on the choice of a car model. Will you mainly drive in the city, in the countryside, on small roads or especially the highway?
  • How much? If you plan to travel more than 30,000 km, you will be cheaper with a diesel engine. Gasoline is more tax-wise for shorter distances. Of course, you can also consider the emissions and go for a car that causes as little pollution as possible.
  • How? Do you want to impress with a nice car, or is comfort especially important? Not all cars provide both options, so sometimes you have to make a choice. You must decide for yourself what the priorities are.
  • What? What do you intend to do by car? Do you need a lot of seats to carry a lot of passengers, do you need a large suitcase for your groceries or do you only use the car to move yourself to work?

Are you buying new or used?

Are you buying new or used?

Buying your first car will entail costs that depend on the condition of the car (new or used). It is therefore essential to decide in advance how much you want to spend. In Belgium, 80% of young drivers under 35 go ​​for a second-hand car.

First, new cars are very expensive. If you consider that these cars become 40% cheaper on average after two years of use, you understand why many drivers go for a second-hand model.without worry.

Instant credit without Private credit checker and credit check.

An instant loan without Private credit checker and credit check can help if the applicant does not receive a credit from the house bank due to poor creditworthiness and has an urgent need for a loan. Since the approval and transfer of the amount for online loans is quick and allows a waiting period to be excluded, the borrower receives a great advantage and can protect himself against debt.

Find the right instant loan without Private credit checker and credit check

Find the right instant loan without Private credit checker and credit check

The variety of offers is enormous and absolutely requires transparency. Even if an invoice does not tolerate deferral or a purchase has to be carried out in a timely manner, you should in no case tend without comparison to an instant loan without Private credit checker and a credit check. A borrower is usually glad to have found a supposedly suitable offer quickly and tends to apply for it without further consideration. But not all loans are suitable for every borrower.

In order not to have any problems during the term and to be able to make repayments as far as possible, you should opt for a flexible and, at the same time, cheap instant credit without Private credit checker and credit check. If you not only compare the interest, but also the contractual conditions, you can always save and opt for a flexible loan with an adjustment of the repayment in the term.

Secure loans on the free financial market

Secure loans on the free financial market

Since the creditworthiness cannot be used for hedging, one already considers a security before applying, which one is able to provide without restrictions and problems. Possessions and insurance with capital accumulation, savings plans for retirement or even a surety come into question here.

It is important that the security corresponds to the loan amount and is therefore regarded as acceptable security by the lender. Personal contact when applying for an instant loan without Private credit checker and credit check is not necessary. The lender is guided solely by the indicative information that the applicant has entered in the online form.

Credit without Private credit checker and creditworthiness.

Some things in life go differently than planned – especially the finances. Just paid off, the car suddenly gives up due to engine damage, the newly built house is uninhabitable because of botch-up, shortly before the Football World Cup, the TV gives up – in all these cases, replacement is urgently needed.

Taking out a loan – what needs to be considered?

Taking out a loan - what needs to be considered?

If you have a sufficient income, reserves or no negative entries at Private credit checker, you don’t have to think long about it; if necessary, a loan can be taken out. But what if the Private credit checker says, for example, that installments have not been paid regularly or that bankruptcy has even been declared? In such cases, it is hopeless to get a loan from a bank. Even financing with installment payments is then usually no longer feasible, especially not for larger sums.

Bad credit rating

Bad credit credit

In such situations it is good to know how to take out a loan without credit and credit rating. Due to the lower level of security for the lender, depending on the provider, the interest rate is 4-17%, which is significantly higher than for a loan with a credit report. Here you should consider whether taking out a loan is worthwhile. If you need a mobile replacement to get to the workplace, there is simply no other way.

Whether it is worthwhile to pay off other obligations from previous loans or with creditors with a loan without Private credit checker and creditworthiness, in order to only have one payment obligation and to have negative entries removed from the Private credit checker file, must be considered in individual cases. Reputable providers usually only grant a credit up to 3500 USD, so that the repayment is guaranteed even without creditworthiness. A loan without Private credit checker and creditworthiness should be checked particularly carefully for its conditions, because many dubious providers take advantage of the desperate situation of the applicants and demand horrendous interest.

Credit with instant approval for the self – employed

A loan with immediate approval for the self-employed is possible, provided the self-employed person has a corresponding income and can also prove this through annual financial statements. In general, the self-employed are considered to be taking out a loan privately, but not as ideal customers for banks.

Take out a loan for self-employed

Take out a loan for self-employed

Since the self-employed, especially freelancers, live on current orders, there can be strong fluctuations in the income of the self-employed, which means that the bank loses planning security. For this reason, the self-employed often have to have a higher average income than comparable employees or civil servants in order to borrow. The Credit Bureau rating should also be positive, because a poor Credit Bureau rating not only reduces the chances of an immediate approval, but can also lead to the complete refusal of the loan.

Ideally, the self-employed should therefore apply to a bank or a lender, which convinces with a high acceptance rate and also offers fair conditions. In general, the economic aspect should never be neglected, and the self-employed often bring the perfect investments to assess the profitability of a loan – even if it is taken out for private purposes.

Find the right lender with instant approval

Find the right lender with instant approval

The right lender for a loan with instant approval for the self-employed has the lowest possible interest rate and fair conditions for repayment. In general, many providers offer an instant loan on the Internet, which is why self-employed people can calmly find a borrower who actually meets their own requirements. These loans can be applied for directly online, and the immediate approval will then be processed as quickly as possible.

After the confirmation, there is also a quick transfer with the loan amount, so that the entire borrowing can be initiated very quickly and easily. As a rule, the loan with immediate approval for the self-employed can be taken up to an amount of 5,000 to 10,000 dollars, whereby the maximum amount naturally varies according to income and lender. The annual accounts including income tax returns and bank statements should be available.

Car loan without deposit and without Credit Bureau


A car loan is earmarked for the purchase of a motor vehicle and, compared to consumer loans without a specific purpose, is secured above average thanks to the vehicle being assigned as security. Nevertheless, getting a Credit Bureau request is just as common as notifying the lending to the credit protection company before granting car loans. A down payment is common for car financing as a special payment at the start of the contract.

Car lending without Credit Bureau through the car bank

Car lending without Credit Bureau through the car bank

If customers repeatedly buy and finance a vehicle from a single dealer, the car bank will grant the desired car loan in individual cases without a down payment and without Credit Bureau information. The prerequisite is that the customer generates sufficient income for the reliable payment of the loan installments or chooses a vehicle loan with a high final installment.

The Credit Bureau request from existing customers is waived for practical reasons, because the data for determining the internal creditworthiness is much more extensive than the data for credit protection.

If vehicle buyers apply for a car loan without down payment and without Credit Bureau via the dealer and the car bank, they must have processed the previous vehicle financing as planned. The manufacturer’s bank may waive the Credit Bureau request from existing customers; for contractual reasons, it must not report the borrowing to the credit protection company.

Credit Bureau-free car loans from abroad

Credit Bureau-free car loans from abroad

With the exception of the manufacturer’s bank for already well-known customers, only foreign financial institutions grant a car loan without a down payment and without a Credit Bureau.

The loan applied for directly from a Swiss bank without Credit Bureau can be used for any purpose and therefore also for the purchase of a car, but due to its maximum amount of 3500 to 5000 USD it is only suitable for the purchase of an inexpensive used car.

In addition, it is not a special car loan with increased credit security and correspondingly reduced costs. Car buyers can obtain a car loan without a down payment and without Credit Bureau on favorable terms by contacting a credit broker.

Credit bureau free loan with no upfront costs


Anyone who can prove a bad Credit Bureau knows the problem: They are rejected by banks because the creditworthiness has dropped sharply and often there is a loan rejection. Banks do not accept any exceptions, because after all, the aim is to keep the credit default risk as low as possible.

Banks earn money with every loan they give, but lose it when a customer is unable to pay. So there are countless rejections. Customers must bear in mind that binding inquiries for a loan are already noted in the Credit Bureau. So you should try to find another solution.

Which solutions can be used?

Which solutions can be used?

If you have a fixed salary, are of legal age and also have an unlimited employment relationship, you can easily choose a Credit Bureau-free loan without any upfront costs. This is not granted by German banks, but is instead granted abroad. Now nobody has to think that they have to go abroad to apply for a loan.

It is much easier! The customer looks for a credit broker, either on the Internet or through a newspaper advertisement. He is familiar with a Credit Bureau-free loan without any upfront costs and works exclusively with banks that also grant this loan.

What does a Credit Bureau-free loan include without upfront costs?

What does a Credit Bureau-free loan include without upfront costs?

A Credit Bureau-free loan with no upfront costs is granted on fairly good terms. For example, the applicant often does not have to specify a purpose and the credit amount is freely available. As in Germany, the loan installments are repaid in monthly installments. It is often even possible that a special repayment can be agreed. In this way, the customer can increase the loan amount up to a certain percentage a year or two months and can therefore pay off the loan amount more quickly.

The main advantage of this is that it saves interest that is paid out at the end of the term. The credit is neither noted in the Credit Bureau, nor does the customer have to fear that it will be checked when the application is made. So the Credit Bureau can be kept clean. No bank will see the old loan in Credit Bureau for later loans that can be taken out in Germany if the creditworthiness has been improved.

Credit for Pregnant Women

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures and these are often accompanied by an increased financial need. For example, in pregnancy. Until then, you haven’t always saved up enough and you are faced with the problem of how to finance the basic equipment of the baby. With a steady and regular income, the house bank will certainly grant a loan to pregnant women without any problems, but what if you have no income or other security.

The creditworthiness is checked with every loan application

The creditworthiness is checked with every loan application

Banks check every loan application for the creditworthiness of the applicant. Any financial problem, such as missing installments in mail order companies or arrears in mobile phone bills, appears as a negative entry at Credit Bureau and leads to a rejection of the loan application. Then there is often only the way to seek financing despite a negative Credit Bureau entry.

But you also have to reckon with worse criteria. First, somewhat higher interest rates are charged to hedge and additional collateral, such as life insurance, is required to hedge the loan amount. The interest on a loan despite negative Credit Bureau information is between 7.6 and 9 percent. A loan of 6,000 USD with a term of 60 months would result in a repayment sum of around 7,500 USD.

Don’t fall into arrears


When it comes to loans for pregnant women, special care must be taken to ensure that the installments to be paid each month do not cut the budget too large. You definitely have to be able to afford the installments, otherwise you will soon run into payment difficulties and get even worse ratings. Basically, it must be said that women do not necessarily have to indicate their pregnancy when applying for a loan.

It is only important for the banks that the payment modalities are observed. The woman’s pregnancy only plays a secondary role. From a legal point of view, a bank has no reason to terminate an existing loan because of pregnancy, this can only happen if the installment payments are not made on time.

Loan without Credit Bureau information and proof of income

With the house and car bank it is impossible to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and proof of income. Anyone who does not have sufficient creditworthiness and can secure the loan through a fixed employment contract and creditworthiness receives a rejection. In order to avoid the problem and to get a quick approval even with poor creditworthiness, you should go directly to the free financial market to look for a loan without Credit Bureau information and proof of income.

Compare loans by relevance

Compare loans by relevance

Numerous private donors and foreign banks present a variety of loan offers on the free financial market. At first glance, one cannot see any transparency and thus cannot find a cheap loan that meets the applicant’s requirements without Credit Bureau information and proof of income. In a free comparison, the viewer recognizes the differences in the loans and can find out which offer fits his ideas.

The low interest rate, the contractual basis and the fees for the loan are of equal importance. Above all, a flexible loan brings advantages. Should there be changes in the borrower’s budget during the term, the borrower can easily hold a flexible loan temporarily, change its repayment and thus adapt it precisely to his options and budget. The comparison as a basis for the decision creates transparency and rules out that one chooses too expensive or not very flexible.

Securing loans on the free financial market

Securing loans on the free financial market

In the case of a credit without Credit Bureau information and proof of income, the creditworthiness cannot be chosen as a safeguard. However, this is not a problem for the borrower, but even an advantage. Instead of creditworthiness, you can show the lender other collateral and secure the loan by overwriting possessions, capital-forming insurance or savings plans for retirement. The application is made online and approved within 24 hours. The payment of the sum follows the approval without waiting.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

Our customer support team is fast and efficient to clear all your doubts regarding personal loan eligibility, procedures, offers, documentation and repayment options. We even contact with the respective lender on behalf of you.